A Blue Period AU Zine


A "creation" themed unofficial fanzine centered around Blue Period characters in alternate universes! It will include art, merch and fic.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fan zine?
A fan zine is a compilation of fan works of the creative nature that are compiled and published in a booklet.
Who can apply?
Artists and writers 16 and above!
What are the guidelines for applications?
See guidelines.
Will this zine be monetized? Where will the profits go?
Yes it will be a paid zine! All profits made will go to charity (TBA).
Is there a chance for this zine to be for-profit?
No, it will stay a non-profit, for-charity zine. We want to be able to give back to the community through our combined efforts while promoting creativity.
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors are guaranteed a high-def PDF of the zine and the digital merch.
Is this project SFW?
Yes, this project is suitable for work.
Will this zine include spoilers?
Creators are allowed to include spoilers.
How many contributors are you planning to include?
We are considering to include 4 writers, 18 page artists, and 2 merch artists for a total of 24 contributors.
Will you have guest contributors?
Yes we will! Our guest contributors count to the 24 total contributors, and will be announced as applications are ongoing.
How will the zine be accepting payment?
Payments will be done through PayPal.
For any unanswered questions
Contact us on twitter @blpzine

Mod Introductions


Oct 9- Nov 15 Interest Check Open
Nov 19-Dec 17 Contributor Applications
Dec 31 Contributor E-mails Sent
Jan 21 Contributor Ideas Due
Feb 5 1st Check-In
Feb 28 Second Check-In
March 28 Final Check-In
April-May Sales
last updated: April 13, 2022

Application Guidelines

page/merch artist guidelines
- Submit 3 of your best samples which will reflect what render style you will contribute to the zine, along with a portfolio featuring at least 10 pieces.
- At least one piece must have complicated background (not only gradients/ simple patterns).
- Anatomical knowledge and quality consistency will be judged.
- Art style will not affect rating.
- Only include completed works in your portfolio (no sketches/wips).
writer guidelines
- Submit 3 of your best samples, no longer than 3K words each. Excerpts are allowed, however at least one sample must be a completed piece.
- Your portfolio must include at least 5 pieces. At least one sample must be a completed piece.
general guidelines
- Blue Period samples are preferred.
- All samples must be original. (Manga page redraws and colorings are not allowed.)
- Please indicate if your portfolio contains NSFW pieces. Submitting a portfolio containing undeclared NSFW will result in immediate disqualification.
- Make sure your links are accessible! The mod team will not chase after submissions with faulty links. Tip: check if your google drive links are working by opening them in incognito.
- Should problems arise, you may edit your application until December 17, 2021 11:59 pm (GMT+8). We will comb through all submissions after the application period.
guidelines for zine contribution
When accepted, the contributors are expected to submit any of the following by the zine's internal deadline.
Artists: (options)
1 x A5 page piece
1 x spread A4 piece
2 x A5 pieces
Writers: 1.5K-2K word ficMerch Artists:
Printables/ Icons/ Phone wallpaper/ Desktop Wallpaper
optional 1 x A5 piece

Application Links

Our application period is now over. Thank you so much for all the support so far! We wish everyone the best of luck and days filled with inspiration!